Halloween Leaf Lanterns

As we have an abundance of Autumn leaves this time of year we thought it would be great to use these to create a lovely decoration for our Halloween party. We made some lovely leaf jars. When you add a tea light it really highlights all of the beautiful Autumnal colours in each leaf.

These are a little fiddly so make sure that you allow plenty of time.

You will need:

  • glass jars (we used Hobby craft ones)
  • PVA glue
  • lots of Autumn leaves
  • jute twine (if you wish to hang them up)

Step one:

first step of making the halloween leaf jar

coat one side of the jar with a generous amount of PVA

Step two:

enjoying the making the halloween leaf jar

Add leaves and coat over the top of them with more PVA. Continue this around the jar.

Step three:

leave to dry and add jute string for hanging (optional)

— o —

We hope you’re feeling inspired by this Halloween make! If you do, we’d love you to consider sharing it or saving it to Pinterest using the image below. Thank you!

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Take a look at how we styled them at our Halloween party

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