Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Halloween wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t decorate your house with pumpkins. But carving them isn’t always the safest option when you have toddlers that want to get involved. Last year we tried doing the traditional carved pumpkins with Tilly and she just got frustrated that she couldn’t help out. This year we decided to paint our pumpkins, they look really pretty and are a great way to decorate your home. They last so much longer than carved pumpkins too!

We bought our pumpkins from Sainsbury’s they have a wide variety of different types of pumpkin, the munchkin ones are our favourite. We also bought some melons as they added another colour and texture. Having different sizes and colours will really help to add some texture to your display.

We painted our pumpkins using tester pots from B&Q, for some of the pumpkins we completely painted them in the soft grey colour. With the cream paint, we just roughly brushed this on with a dry brush to create texture.  Tilly and Jesse had fun getting involved with the painting and it was something easy for toddlers to do, they did get pretty messy though! After painting the cream layer we sprayed the top half of some of the pumpkins with gold Rustoleum spray paint. This is really lovely if you are using your pumpkins as a centrepiece for your table, it adds a grown-up feel for dinner parties and family get-togethers.

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We hope you’re feeling inspired by this Halloween make! If you do, we’d love you to consider sharing it or saving it to Pinterest using the image below. Thank you!

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Take a look at how we displayed our pumpkins at our Halloween party

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