Enjoy Valentine’s Day at Home

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a parent isn’t always easy. Finding a babysitter on the 14th is tricky (second only to New Year’s Eve!) and whether you’ve got little ones or you’re simply trying to stick to a budget, finding a creative way to celebrate your relationship that fits around family life or doesn’t break the bank is a welcome solution. As mothers, we understand this situation all too well so with that being said, here are our tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home.

Enjoy a fireside picnic

Feeling cosy on a chilly February evening is good for the soul, but it’s made even more special when you take the chance to add a little luxury and enjoy it with your loved one. Lay out some of your cosiest blankets and cushions in front of a warming fire and together enjoy a picnic of your favourite foods, topped off with a chilled bottle of something sparkly. For an extra special touch, write each other a letter and read them to one another by the fire.

Play it old school

With the exception of music, why not take a break from technology for the evening? Turn off the TV, leave phones and tablets upstairs and break out the board games. Have fun at the table and enjoy real conversations as you compete against one another. Want to add to the competition? Why not play for prizes where the loser has to do something for the winner? Like washing the car or making a home-cooked dinner.

Celebrate your moments and milestones

Take a trip down memory lane together by setting some time beforehand to make a note of your favourite memories together, whether it’s the first time that you met, a funny story or proudest moment. Take a look through old photos and any of those little items you may have kept, like cinema tickets or notes written to one another.

Create a year’s worth of future romantic moments to enjoy

Every couple should still ‘date’ one another, no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship, so if you don’t have to the opportunity to get out of the house on Valentine’s Day then why not use the time to plan future romantic evenings in the year ahead? Take a jar and strips of coloured paper, on each one write down a different kind of date to enjoy. You could choose a special restaurant or new cuisine to try, or maybe there’s a museum or gallery you’ve always wanted to visit together. Then fold them all up and place them in the jar. When you do have chances to enjoy a date away from home, why not pick one out at random and cross it off the list?

Make romance retro

This one is great for couples who have been together for a long time! Theme your evening around the decade when you met and enjoy dressing up just like the way you did on your very first date. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of that time and enjoy a dinner and a movie that remind you of the early days!

Watch the sky together

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy clear skies this Valentine’s Day, make yourselves a delicious hot chocolate, wrap up warm and sit out in the garden to enjoy the night sky. Download a sky-watching chart or app to help you identify the stars and enjoy gazing upon the universe together.

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