8 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift is so important but most important of all, is giving a special Mother a day to remember, spent with those she loves the most and filled with unforgettable moments. Here are some of our favourite ideas for giving Mum the kind of Mother’s Day experience she deserves!

Give her some ‘Me Time’

Family time is a key part of Mother’s Day but why not start out the day by letting Mum make some time for herself? Let her enjoy a lie in before waking her with breakfast in bed and once she’s up, give her space a time to relax, take a bubble bath and pamper herself a little before enjoying the rest of her day with family.

Make her a Playlist of her Favourite Songs

Create the perfect soundtrack to her day with a personalised playlist of her favourite music, or bring together a collection of songs that remind you of her. Or why not introduce her to new music with a carefully chosen selection of songs you think she’ll love.

Create a ‘Mum-Memory-Jar’

This is a great one for Dad to get the kids involved with. Add little notes and drawings to a large jar that documents all your favourite memories about Mum, or the important things you learned from her. Or why not fill it with compliments that show her all the things you love most about her? She can either read them all out with you together on the day or save them for later in the year when she needs a little love and encouragement.

Take a walk in the great outdoors

Get outside and get moving with a walk amongst nature. Scout out the local wildlife and look for pretty blooms and signs of Spring along the way. Whether a long hike or a gentle wander, a little exercise is bound to work up an appetite or burn off an indulgent Mother’s Day lunch!

Plan a Picnic

If a sit-down meal isn’t Mum’s favourite way to eat together, then why not plan a picnic with her favourite finger-foods and treats? Don’t be put off by the weather either! A picnic enjoyed while sheltering from the rain can still be fun and makes for happy memories!

Host a Tea Party

Especially fun for generations of Mothers and children to enjoy together, a fancy tea party is a fun way to show mum how much she deserves a treat.  It’s also a perfect excuse for baking something nice!

Bake Something Together

If you learned everything you know about baking from your Mum, why not spend some time baking something special together for the whole family? Set yourselves a challenge with a technical bake or host your own little bake-off with the rest of the family choosing the final winner (Tip: always pick Mum’s bake!)

Organise a Family Photo Shoot

All mums love family photos! Get everyone together in coordinated outfits and set up in your favourite part of the house or garden, or even a special place away from home. Mum is often the one behind the camera but this time, let her take centre stage as you capture her special day. Then why not use your pictures to create beautiful art for the home?

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